A&T LED Lights

A&T Products Pty Ltd offers a wide range of LED lights: streetlights, downlights, sensor floodlights, highbay lights, tube lights, shopfitters, panel lights, etc.

Click on the links below for specifications and pricing on our full range. Pricing subject to change due to currency fluctuations.

Download the complete A&T Products LED Lighting Catalogue here.

LED Downlights


A&T Products Pty Ltd offers a range of low power LED downlights for new installations or to replace existing downlights. All the models are dimmable ranging from 0 to 100% – no flicker or buzz.

LED Streetlights


LED Highbay lights

LED highbay

LED Shopfitters

LED shopfitters

LED Tube Lights

LED Tube Lights

LED Panel Lights

Rectangular Series:

LED Panel Lights   

LED Panel Light

Round Series:

LED Panel Light 

LED Floodlights

LED flood lights    LED flood lights

LED Surface Mounted Ceiling Lights

LED    LED     LED

LED Track Lights



LED Certifications