A&T SPC Vinyl Flooring Planks

Vinyl Flooring Planks Imported by A&T Products at very competitive pricing.

We offer a wide variety of designs and huge range of styles and colours. The vinyl floor is hard wearing, easy to install, durable, resilient, hygienic, easy to clean, waterproof, economical and environmentally friendly.  Feels great underfoot.

Vinyl Flooring has made significant gains with the latest technology in texture and grain with very realistic and dynamic real timber colours.

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We offer the following styles:

5.5mm SPC Hybrid Vinyl Flooring: 5.5mm Luxury Vinyl planks and tiles with a 0.5mm wear layer

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Vinyl Flooring Planks

Our business structure allows us to offer pricing much lower than average market prices which will give a competitive edge for tenders and projects.

With a huge selection of dynamic colours, styles and patterns, Vinyl flooring is suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Our Vinyl flooring products offer realistic-looking designs that replicate natural woods in our wood-plank series, as well as marble, stone and carpet tiles in stunning high definition for a naturally realistic floor.

Vinyl floors are more stylish than ever and are the fastest growing category in the flooring industry.

Vinyl floors are durable, easy to install and easily maintained and with a huge selection of dynamic colours, styles and patterns choosing vinyl flooring is easier than ever. The latest design trends focus on natural, realistic visuals and with all these choices, today’s vinyl is perfect for almost any room. Vinyl delivers outstanding comfort and durability, all at an affordable price.

We offer a wide range of products for the residential and commercial industry.

Our wood series replicates the beauty of natural wood without any of the practical drawbacks of real wood flooring. Choose from a wide range of realistic light wood tones, mid wood tones and dark wood tones to define your living space.

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